Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Few Apple Fine motor Activities

These apples are easy to make by cutting colorful juice, detergent or dishwasher soap bottles. Choose green, yellow or red bottles to vary your types of apples. 

Children and adults with disabilities of all ages will enjoy these crafts while developing eye hand coordination. In fact, children as young as 1-2 years of age may pull the worms out of the apples. Weaving the worms back inside will develop dexterity as children use these during pretend play..... 
The video shows 3 different apple fine motor activities. Pushing the circles into holes in the large apple develops the strong fingers required to grasp a writing tool effectively. Apple lacing puzzles may have as few as 3 pieces or several to lace onto the large apple frame.  Vary the colors used to make orange pumpkins, yellow zucchini or green acorn squash! 

Source: Make Your Own Apple Toys for Preschoolers by RecyclingOT on Rumble

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