Friday, 14 March 2014

Glitter Bottles

I've seen some beautiful bottles filled with water, glitter and glitter glue on-line recently had to give it a try. I found it difficult to get good photos, but did my best. They have been recommended to use is visual timers. When the glitter falls to the bottle the time is up.
I see many uses for these with children and adults during therapy. First of all they can be heavy if you use larger bottles. So the person will be working on strengthening and bilateral hand use as they lift them up to shake or turn over.

The provide lovely visual stimulation for people with profound developmental delays or dementia. They are simply fun to watch. I put some plastic toys inside the larger bottle to see if they would float around.  The did sink but not as quickly so its fun to watch them go down after the glitter settles.
They can be used as part of an exercise program, simply moving them from one location to another or stacking them onto a cart to push.

I added the bells to the smaller bottle to encourage turning the head to see the bottle. I can envision incorporating them into various games that involve turn taking, naming colors, passing the bottles or seeing who can wait for the glitter to settle before speaking....

 You can also wrap them up in tape or rubber bands so that the person works on manipulation skills while removing the coverings. The bottle and glitter provides a natural reward after using the hands!

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