Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Discriminating Coins and Stringing Donut Shapes

Some of my clients  are unable to discriminate coins from other round objects. So I decided to work on this basic visual discrimination skill by providing a container with a slot to push pennies through. I used the clear plastic container that tennis balls are sold in and put yellow tape around the opening to make it easier to see. The donut shapes cut out of detergent bottles are a bit larger and do not fit inside the slot opening.

I show the individual how to lace the donut shapes onto the cord. I designed these so that one needs to pull quite hard to get them on- so that they work on hand strengthening and receive sensory input at the same time.

If they try to string the penny through the cord, obviously it won't work and if they try to fit the donut shapes through the slot they won't fit. I provide verbal and/or point cues so that they don't get frustrated as they learn to stop and think about what to do so that the activities are successful.

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