Monday, 15 September 2014

Ring stack adapted for patient with Hemiplegia

This client is a lady who had a brain injury. Her left hand is contracted and flexed tightly against her body. I found that she is limited in any type of hand use (except for eating) but was willing to put rings on a stack. The top picture shows the adapted ring stack laying on the table. She used her functional right hand to push the orange cones onto the tube.   She refused to use her left hand at all.

I don't have a photo of her using the revised adapted ring stack shown below. I had the blue massage pillow at home. It was broken and did not vibrate anymore. I pushed the tube into where the batteries were supposed to go and attached a blue detergent bottle cap on top to create color contrast.  I thought that the soapy aroma that lingered would be pleasant. Finally I did a little sewing to the blue cushion so that the part with the tube used as a ring stack actually stayed upright all by itself.  I showed her how to lay her typically flexed left arm  on top of the blue cushion to keep it upright while stacking the rings.  She seems to like it for brief periods, so we are working on increasing the time she tolerates hand activities, especially stabilizing with her weaker side.......


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