Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Multi-Use Glitter Bottle

My clients have been enjoying shaking a large glitter bottle for several months. It is a large, clear orange juice bottle filled with glitter, glitter glue and water.

 But I did a little experimenting when my 5 year old neighbor threw out a broken swimming pool toy that shoots water. I cut a hole in the bottle's lid so that the toy fit in snuggly and covered with duct tape to avoid any leaks. I don't give this one to people who like to shake it around forcefully.

I originally thought I might have people pull the long handle up and down as a fun way of doing exercises. But then a staff person suggested using it as a ring stack. This made perfect sense since it can function as an adjustable ring stack. It is now being used with a lady who has a spastic right hand that she can wrap around the handle while stacking rings with her very functional left hand. I love that we can adjust the height of this ring stack according to who is using it.

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